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Steve’s Real Food is a pioneer in raw pet food manufacturing. We were the first commercial raw brand on the market in 1998, and since that time we have continually worked to create the perfect raw food diet for your pet. All of the ingredients that go into making Steve’s Real Food are sourced and purchased solely from companies that are as committed to quality as we are. Our meat and organic produce come from small family farmers who do not use antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. They have USDA status, they sell only human-grade quality meats, and they are owned and operated within the United States. They employ sustainable farming practices that protect the Earth and the quality of the food your pet eats. Our farmers also practice humane treatment of the animals, allowing the cattle and goats to range freely and the poultry to have full access to sunlight and fresh air.

Our Original Formula diet, which is complete and balanced for both dogs and cats, offers six protein choices- beef, chicken, Lamu (lamb and emu blend), pork, Turducken (turkey, duck, chicken blend), and turkey. It comes in both nuggets (5lb or 9.75lb) and patties (13.5lb or 20lb bulk).

Additional products include:
Prey model diet
Quest, our cat formula
The Enhance line of raw goat milk based superfood toppers
Raw bones


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