Diggin' Your Dog


Diggin' your Dog is a 100% USA company created by a grassroots group that DIGS YOUR DOG! All of our products are invented, grown, raised, harvested and made in the USA right down to the packaging. That's right - even our bags are BPA free and made here in the USA! Diggin' Your Dog makes irresistible tasty treats and supplements that are cost sensitive to today's market.

Diggin' Your Dog is dedicated to uncompromising greatness. Diggin' Your Dog never irradiates the wholesome products that we sell to your best friend! We unconditionally guarantee all of our products to be natural, healthy goods, 100% made in the USA with USA GROWN ingredients. (Not to mention truly amazing and totally addicting!) Diggin' Your Dog is more than a treat, it's an attitude!


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